Plasma beveling

The Voortman V304 can be equipped with a sophisticated and accurate plasma 3D bevel unit to make fully automated, high quality bevel cuts. Parts don't need to be moved to a preparation area for weld preparation anymore. Different types of bevel cuts / weld preparations are possible (A, V, X, Y and K). With the I-cut correction Voortman even extended the functionality of its plasma 3D bevel module. Also countersunk holes can be made with the beveling unit. The plasma 3D bevel unit with five axes enables a bevel angle up to 50° in all directions. All 5 axes are controlled by Voortman, which makes the system totally independent of other manufacturers. The bevel is suitable for standard torches of Hypertherm and Kjellberg with the gas valves closer to the torch. Because the gas can be controlled faster and better, the consumable wear is decreased during ramp down.


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