High level of automation

Automatic material handling

One push of the button is all it takes to get your production done. After importing industry standard DSTV or DSTV+ (pre-nested) files into the processing list of our VACAM Software, your operator can fully focus on loading and unloading the system. No manual intervention is needed in order to keep up with the production speed of the machines.

Seamless integration

V807 header 2

The V807 is incredibly versatile and can be part of a complete new layout including roller conveyors and cross-transports connected to other Voortman processing machines, or as a stand-alone processing center. We’ll work with you to come up with a solution for any situation you face – including implementation into an existing production line, or outside loading and roller conveyors. The roller-feed measuring system is completely integrated in the machine housing and offers complete freedom for planning and expansion in your workshop. You can start with a small layout and easily extend the machine with more automated logistics or add complimentary machines at a later time as your business grows. Voortman makes machines that can grow with your company seamlessly when extra capacity is needed without increasing labor costs.

Fully automatic profile transportation

V807 header 2

Full automatic profile transportation is provided in order to integrate the machine to a fully automatic MSI beam line. Our/The VACAM software controls the sensored drag-dogs or liftables, transporting profiles onto the infeed roller conveyor and from the outfeed roller conveyor. Selected products will automatically be produced out of the trading lengths. The cross-transports are able to handle multiple profiles, allowing the machine to operate autonomously for a considerable amount of time.

Active buffer management

Our in-house developed VACAM software is known for its high performance regarding automated material handling and buffer management. Active buffer management secures a priority position for the first profile in line while buffering following profiles. By continuously shifting profiles toward the datum line, new profiles can be loaded onto the handling system where the datum line is always provided with material. This significantly increases your productivity and efficiency, since machines are not waiting in idle mode for a next profile or production batch.

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