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We understand the challenges that come your way, such as a shortage of labor, high labor costs and the high quality standards to make your products! We will work with you from the very beginning to remove the risk of your investment by making sure you can produce your product with the right process and the right machine. All while reducing the operational costs per product.

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Accelerating Manufacturing performance

Manufacturing industries including recycling & mining, wind tower construction (bolted connections & welded shells), agriculture, steel service centers, boiler, heat exchangers & high-pressure vessel manufacturers and other industrial equipment manufacturers can ensure the utmost accuracy and reliability with Voortman’s plate processing machines.

Whether you need to expand capacity or resolve bottlenecks, Voortman has the experience and machinery options to achieve your production goals and Accelerate manufacturing performance. We will work with you from the very beginning to justify your investment, making sure you can produce your product with the right process and the right machine!

Voortman is committed to designing and developing precision steel plate processing machines for manufacturers to output production-ready parts. Our CNC plate processing machines integrate many functions to optimize your workflow and reduce your cost per part, including 3D precision plasma bevel cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, drilling and marking. Voortman machines are designed using the best quality components and tested thoroughly in our own production facility prior to release.

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Ryerson - David Long - United States

“Our ultimate goal is for our customers to receive the parts and put them right into their assembly or finished parts.”
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Gubi Smedeteknik - Søren Gubi - Denmark

“We came to the Experience Center and by that moment I was sold.”
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Caterpillar Work Tools B.V. - Harold van Tooren - Netherlands

“With our new Voortman V304 plate cutting machine we are now able to automate bevelling which we used to do manually; this will save us more than 50% processing time.”
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Egger Pumps - Gregory Dind - Switzerland

“Now with the Voortman machine, all processes are performed with the same machine. We have reduced production times on the milling machines, a better cut quality and less work cleaning the parts for internal post processing.”
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