Great productivity

SK40 drilling unit


The V310 is standard equipped with a SK40 drilling unit. The drilling unit allows you to drill holes up to a diameter of 40 mm in 100 mm thick material. The large 440 Nm servo drive for the drilling spindle results in amazing feed rates, even with larger diameters. To increase lifetime of the carbide tip and to eliminate cleaning after drilling, the drill is being lubricated internally by a mixture of oil and air.

3D Plasma bevel cutting


Voortman’s sophisticated and accurate plasma 3D bevel unit ensures that man hours and operation costs in the workshop are greatly reduced. The V310 can process a variety of high quality bevel cuts and weld preparations in all directions (A, V, X, Y and K). Processed parts are immediately ready for assembly and welding without further manual operations, eliminating human handling and errors.

Instant Cut Technology


Voortman’s Instant Cut Technology was developed to reduce cut-to-cut idle movement. This technique ensures optimized movement each time the torch moves from one operation to another, allowing production capabilities to double. Especially when production consists of small products with holes, 100% increased production rate is easily attainable with the powerful motion control and speed of the V310. Because Instant Cut Technology is built into Voortman’s own Vacam control software, it remains productive by letting the software create the optimal production mix between speed and quality.

Easy remounting with 3D collision 


When the torch collides with an object such as a cut-out product on the table, mounting the torch back always took some time and with some designs even costs customers spare parts. To save time and costs, the V310 comes equipped with a unique magnetic collision system. This system minimizes downtime by having the machine up and running in no time with a simple manual handling to remount the torch.

Advanced nesting software

The advanced nesting engine SigmaNEST comes equipped with all Voortman plate cutting machines for increased material optimization and cutting efficiency. Advanced nesting algorithms ensure improved part yield and minimal scrap while optimizing cutting cycle times. Voortman includes SigmaNEST in all steel processing machines because, as all efficient fabrication and manufacturing shops know, an excellent nesting program is as important as the machine itself.

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