High level of automation

10-fold moveable tool changer


To provide even more versatility to the drilling unit, it is equipped with a fast 10-fold automatic tool changer. With this 10-fold tool changer a robust array of common processes such as carbide drilling, thread tapping, counter sinking and counter boring are possible without any manual intervention in between. The tool changer moves along with the bridge, which ensures the tool changer is always close to the area which needs to processed and that a tool can be changed while cutting simultaneously. Hereby, instant tool changes up to 10 tools are possible with minimum increase in production time.

Automatic tool length measuring

Voortman V550-7 clear control interface

When the operator adds a new tool to the tool changer, the length of the new tool is automatically measured and saved. By doing so, no manual measuring of the tool length is needed, which minimizes any measuring mistakes. After automatic tool length measuring, the drilling tool can move towards the material with maximum speed. Just before the tool touches the material the drilling tool reduces its speed to switch to the required feed rate.

TrueVolt technology

Voortman’s Truevolt technology is responsible for ensuring constant cutting quality and maximum consumable life as part of the Instant Cut Technology. Truevolt corrects the exact arc voltage. By measuring the arc voltage, it can determine and maintain the optimal cutting height during processing. Maximum consumable life means less manual interaction, and therefore less machine downtime.

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