High quality results

Heavy steel bridge

The V310 is equipped with a heavy steel bridge with a total weight of 4500 KG / 9921 LBS. This heavy steel bridge ensures a higher allowable feed rate and provides extended consumable life due to minimal vibration during drilling operations. This significantly contributes to your cost savings.

Dross inhibitor


Slag formation during piercing is a common problem with plasma cutting. The blast from piercing the material creates a volcanic effect which blows molten metal over the material, which needs to be removed manually. Especially with smaller contour cutting, it is quite likely that piercing dross is located on the cutting path, destroying your cut quality. Therefore, Voortman developed the 'Dross inhibitor’ which sprays oil at the piercing area just before piercing, preventing slag formation which significantly increases cutting quality and decreases any post processing.

Accurate X & Y movement


To meet your cutting quality requirements, it is important that the X & Y movement runs in a stable, smooth and quiet way with as minimal vibrations as possible. Therefore, Voortman took the next step in cutting accuracy with the transmission systems of the Voortman V310. Transmission systems with almost no play ensure nothing but a smooth cutting surface. An accurate linear guidance ensures a stable and equal movement which results in very accurate cutting quality. The X rails are equipped with a helical rack and pinion transmission with reduced backlash. This ensures an increased accuracy and more dynamic movement compared to a straight rack and pinion. The dynamics are also fully optimized and accelerations/decelerations are smooth and leveled. Vibrations are minimized creating nothing else than a low roughness cutting surface and an accurate product.

I-cut correction


Angular deviation or taper in the cutting surface is a typical attribute of plasma cutting, which of course should be minimized. Therefore, Voortman introduced the I-cut correction which counteracts the taper with a bevel correction and fully eliminates taper caused by plasma cutting. Arc lag usually also occurs when cutting holes. With the I-cut correction, taper with holes in thicker material is fully eliminated.

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