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Revolutionary oxy-fuel torch


The V310 is equipped with the revolutionary GCE oxy fuel torch. This new torch can be equipped with standard GCE nozzles and the nozzles can be easily exchanged with a bayonet mount for minimum downtime. The ignition and height control systems are integrated within the torch, creating one solid torch that aides the operator’s responsibilities. A built-in pressure gauge indicates the pressure during cutting for easy adjusting. The revolutionary torch is an integral part of the V310, making use of rapid height control that achieves maximum output.

Table with supports

The cutting and drilling deck of the table of the V310 is provided with straight support bars in both directions with aluminum support pins. These support pins minimize breakage of the drill tip, extending the drill lifetime significantly.

Easy loading and unloading 


The distance between the rail of the V310 and the floor is relatively low, which eliminates some obstacle when loading or unloading plates. This means that loading and unloading of material on the V310 is convenient and isn’t time consuming.  

Flexible and easy plate measurement


To easy measure a plate and define the zero position of a plate, the angles which determine how the plate is positioned on the table can automatically be calculated by VACAM operation software. Specific points of the plate just must be manually indicated in VACAM whereafter VACAM automatically performs the calculation for the zero-point of the plate, even for more complex scrap shape plates.  

Easy restart in case of arc-loss


When the arc is lost or a cut is interrupted, the torch can be easily moved back to the point of failure without the flame burning by use of the VACAM software. Exactly from the point of failure the torch can ignite and continue the interrupted cut. Another possibility is to move the torch slightly outside the interrupted cut, start in the waste material and automatically move towards the contour and then continue the cutting process. 

Easy Vacam software

To enable constant and efficient production, machine operators have access to Voortman’s improved, comprehensive, and easy-to-use Vacam control software interface. One of Vacam’s key features is adaptive behavior – it allows operators to perform task-oriented work in a dynamic environment. While preparing for production and switching between different production phases, the overall structure remains unchanged with new related functions applied. Vacam control software is known in the industry for its consolidated graphical representation of the production process. It is able to generate a clear overview of processes, production status and machine modules to assist with online support. 

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