CE and safety standards

All Voortman machines are delivered in compliance with CE regulations and meet the following international safety standards. A CE certificate is provided with every Voortman machine.

Relevant EU directives:

  • 2006/42/EC Machine directives
  • 2004/108/EC Electromagnetic compatibility ( EMC ) directives

Harmonized international standards complied with:

  • EN ISO 17916:2013
  • EN ISO 12100:2010
  • EN ISO 13857:2008
  • EN ISO 13850:2008
  • EN ISO 13849-1:2008
  • EN ISO 9013:2002
  • EN ISO 8206:1991
  • EN IEC 60204-1:2006

Voortman provides different kinds of safety features

Interlocking doors for housings   Interlocking doors for fences

Interlocking doors provide access to the machine housing. The doors are equipped with sensors which ensure the machine is stopped immediately when opened. After the doors are closed again, the machine can be reset at the control panel.


Areas protected by safety fencing can be accessed through an interlocking door. The interlocking door is integrated in the safety fencing and has the same dimensions. A sensor will notice if the interlocking door is opened. If so, all systems of the corresponding danger area will be shut down immediately.

Light curtains

Light curtains are used to detect persons who are approaching a dangerous area. The light curtains are usually placed in front of the machine and on cross transport systems at a minimum distance from the danger zone. A light curtain consists of three light beams, each placed at a different height. On cross transport systems, two additional horizontally placed light curtains are placed. When a light curtain is crossed, all systems of the relevant danger area will be shut down immediately. Voortman developed different light curtains for different machines and their handling systems which not affect the down-time of the machine by the creation of a safe working environment.

Safety fencing   Safety bumpers

Voortman machinery is standard equipped with a steel safety fence. Except for working areas, this fence covers all sides of the machine to prevent people from entering dangerous areas unintentionally. The fence has different types of mesh panels with a various width. Posts on each side of the mesh panels attach them to the floor. The total height of the fence is 2.000 mm with a floor clearance of 100mm.


Gantry type processing systems are always equipped with safety bumpers. Depending on the machine type the number of bumpers and the mounting position differs, but its functionality remains the same: When contact is made with the bumpers, the machine immediately executes an emergency stop.

Corner mirrors

To reduce the amount of light curtains required, a set of corner mirrors is delivered in addition to a light curtain set. With the use of these corner mirrors, it is possible to reflect the infra red beam of the light curtains by 90°. This allows the light beam to travel around a corner, and eliminates the need of an additional light curtain.

Jamming prevention   Stop chords

To prevent persons and parts from getting jammed between drilling and cutting gantries, a safety gap of 500 mm between the gantries is maintained at all times.


The front side of the gantry beam of the V304 plate processing system is equipped with a stop-chord, which is mounted horizontally in front of the torches. When contact is made with the stop-chord, while for example walking on the table, the machine immediately executes an emergency stop. An emergency stop button is installed on both sides of the chord, to manually execute an emergency stop. Stop chords are also mounted on the Voortman beam sawing systems as an additional safety feature on top of the existing safety features.

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