Quality results

Automatic bottom side deburring


To ensure every process maintains Voortman’s highest quality, the V325 is the only plate machine in the market equipped with an automatic deburring unit. When utilized at the same time as the drill unit, extra deburring time is minimized or even completely eliminated. Deburring has become an important part of the workflow in order to meet current standards and produce immediately available finished products. This unique production feature enables the V325 to reduce total costs per part up to 30%, versus running deburring and edge finishing operations with precision parts manually. The deburring unit also contributes to an extended drill lifetime since replacement is not necessary when burr is created by worn down drills. There is also no fear of injuries from burrs by operators while handling the parts.

Gripper measuring system


The Voortman V325 comes equipped with two separate side grippers for plate positioning. Using high precision linear guidance, both servo-driven grippers can move across the machine and guarantee repeatable high quality processing for a wide variety of plates. The precise helical rack and pinion transmission ensures minimum backlash, making the grippers particularly suitable for providing X-axis motion during drilling and contour cuts.

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