Great productivity

Fast profile measuring

Full stop

A full-stop measuring system positions a liftable stop plate just before the exact position to catch the profile moving at high speed using its detection plate. After the material is detected, the truck moves to the exact position and the material is slowly positioned against the stop plate. When the clamps of the sawing machine are closed the truck is lifted and moves to the next position. The stop plate is wide enough for bundle cutting.

Gripper truck

For customers who require a lot of small products, or who want to fully automate the removal of small products and clean cuts, the saw can be equipped with a strong and fast servo driven gripper truck. The gripper truck is used for measuring and transportation and capable of moving the heaviest profiles without losing its stability. To increase the automation level of the sawing machine, an automatic Short Product Removal System (SPRS) is available. All products up to 1.400 mm / 55 inch will be clamped during cutting. After cutting it will be transported from the saw and pushed out sideways automatically. Clean cuts are dropped into a separate bin. This system is only possible in combination with a gripper truck.

Fast rotation for mitre cuts

When the next cut in the batch is a mitre cut, the sawing machine lowers the tables for contact free, fast rotation, and moves to the correct angle at any degree; the position is then fixed by a disk brake. Mitre options are -45°/ +60°.


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