Very versatile

Moveable sawing table

A distinguishing feature is that the Voortman VB Range is standard equipped with a moving sawing table. This makes sure that the sawing lists are always in line with the sawing blade so it never cuts in the table. With this feature there is no need for replacing the table in the complete lifetime of the machine. The saw and the table can rotate stepless in any desired angle. When the next cut in the batch is a mitre cut, the sawing machine lowers the table automatically for contact free rotation.


Micro cooling

A mixture of air and oil is sprayed directly onto the blade for optimal cooling. The result is a long lifetime of the blade and minimal cleaning before welding as no excessive cooling fluids are used. Voortman also includes an automatic “new blade cycle” in the control system to ensure maximum lifetime of every blade.

Height detection laser

When the sawing cycle is started the blade moves down at full speed until the height detection laser reaches the top of the material, at this point the machine switches over to perfect sawing speed.

Automatic sawing speed adjustment based on pressure

Two pressure sensors are used to measure the actual sawing blade pressure. Collected data is used to constantly adapt the sawing speed, feed rate and pressure for the best cutting results with less wear of the sawing blade. To align bundles quickly a bundle stop can be installed in the sawing system.

VN36 hydraulic numbering unit

Optional the VB range can be equipped with a hydraulic numbering unit. This unit can be used for hard stamp marking of the products with part numbers, so that it can be recognized in further production steps. It consists of a frequent driven rotating disk which contains 36 exchangeable characters, with a height of 10 mm. The characters are hydraulically pressed into the steel, with an imprint of 1 mm.


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