drillingAll Voortman machines have the same drilling unit (VD40) which is suitable for HSS drills, carbide tipped drills, solid carbide drills, thread tapping, countersinking and center point marking. The high powered drilling units (30 kW / 40 hp) of Voortman maximize the benefits of carbide drilling. Carbide drilling is up to three times faster and has a longer lifetime than HSS drills. There is also no need for a drill sharpener.

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HSS (High Speed Steel) Drills

HSS tools have a hardness of 62 to 64 HRC and are still much used in machines with limited power which do not have the power for carbide drills. HSS steel is also still used for countersinking and thread tapping tooling. The advantage of HSS tools are the low costs but the drilling speed and feed rates are much lower. Because the hardness of a HSS drill is also lower than the hardness of a carbide drill, the drills are getting blunt faster and require frequent sharpening.

Diameter Feed Revs
mm inch mm/sec inch/sec rot./min
14 9/16 1,70 0.067 637
18 11/16 1,65 0.065 495
22 7/8 1,62 0.064 405
32 1-1/4 1,58 0.062 279
Recommended cutting speed: 28 m/min (92 ft/min)

HSS Drilling  

A typical HSS composition is 18% Tungsten, 4% Chromium, 1% Vanadium, 0.7% Carbon.


Carbide drills

Carbide drills have a hardness of 77 to 81 HRC. A typical carbide composition is 93% Tungsten, 6.1% Carbon and 0.03% Iron. Tungsten carbide is extremely hard but also very brittle. It is also more expensive than HSS. Voortman offers tooling with carbide inserts to apply the benefits of using carbide (High speed and feed rates) at the cutting surface without the high costs and the brittleness. Very small sized drills where it is almost impossible to fit a carbide insert are made fully of Tungsten carbide.

Diameter Feed Revs
mm inch mm/sec inch/sec rot./min
14 9/16 6,21 0.244 1773
18 11/16 5,75 0.226 1379
22 7/8 5,45 0.215 1129
32 1-1/4 5,04 0.198 776
Recommended cutting speed: 78 m/min (256 ft/min)

Carbide Drilling  

The HSS and carbide drills are provided with internal lubrication channels to ensure mist lubrication at the tip. This increases tool life, speed and feed rates, ensures a better surface finish and eliminates cleaning work after drilling. The range of drills which Voortman offers are specially designed for the Voortman machines for optimum drilling results.


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