News - 20 December, 2019

Advantages of coping - Hear it from our customers

Hear about the dramatic time-savings customers have already experienced


Advantages of coping

The Voortman V807 debuted in November as the must-see new product at FabTech in Chicago, Illinois USA. Booth visitors commented how impressed they were with Voortman's newest profile processor, after years of proven success and experience with the well-known V808. The V807 provides the same increased production capacity as its predecessor, now in a smaller footprint so it can fit where you need it and easily replace an outdated plasma/oxy-fuel processing machine.

Curious about the possibilities of the coping process? Watch this video to hear about some of the benefits of owning a robotic thermal profile processor directly from Voortman customers.

Hear it from
our customers

SCW Contracting Corp - Andy & Steve Scrape - United States

"These two pieces of equipment work seamlessly together. They produce at incredible rates. To have one without the other just wouldn't really make sense."
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Quality Iron Fabricators - Brian Eason - United States

“I walked into the shop the other day and the drill line was drilling, the saw was sawing and they completed their operations. There was no one in the building! All the equipment was running on its own!”
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Leach Structural Steelwork Ltd. - Eric Leach - United Kingdom

"The new system has allowed us to make more use of our existing labour and deploy our existing staff over more shifts and more machines, which under certain circumstances can give us a 50 and a 100 percent increase in capacity."
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J&D Pierce Contracts LTD. - Derek Pierce - United Kingdom

The system is a large system and it has a tremendous amount of automation and it all worked almost perfectly the first time. The completed installation has exceeded my expectations.
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