News - 18 November, 2019

Recap FABTECH 2019

Thank you for visiting Voortman at FABTECH 2019!


Recap FABTECH 2019

FabTech 2019 is a wrap, and we are overwhelmed with the positive response to the new V807 robotic thermal profile processor! We appreciate the time you took to stop by and learn more about the V807 profiler and see the popular V310 plate processor. Your local Voortman USA sales rep will be in touch to answer any detailed questions and consult with you on best fabrication shop practices.

Watch a short recap movie of FABTECH 2019!

customer testimonials

SCW Contracting Corp - Andy & Steve Scrape - United States

"These two pieces of equipment work seamlessly together. They produce at incredible rates. To have one without the other just wouldn't really make sense."
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Quality Iron Fabricators - Brian Eason - United States

“I walked into the shop the other day and the drill line was drilling, the saw was sawing and they completed their operations. There was no one in the building! All the equipment was running on its own!”
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Steel & Pipe Corporation - Brian L. McRae - United States

“When we compare productivity to the previous beam line we have seen an increase in at least 30% and running cost saving of 40%. The accuracy and performance of the system has been exactly as was sold to us.”
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Ryerson - David Long - United States

“Our ultimate goal is for our customers to receive the parts and put them right into their assembly or finished parts.”
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HME Inc. - Jon Haas - United States

“Voortman equipment definitely has much more intelligence than competitive machines. It is amazing how the software controls everything. Once a part enters the system you can forget about it, until it comes of the outfeed transfers.”
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