Plasma cutting


For plate cutting up to 100 mm / 4” Voortman offers various plasma cutting systems from Hypertherm and Kjellberg with maximum cutting currents from 130 up to 400 amps. With Voortman’s own Vacam software all of the parameters like kerf offset, height control, pierce time delay and gas flow are automatically controlled, making a quality plasma cut more a configured science than operator knowledge. The plasma torch is equipped with all the latest innovations such as fast Voortman Height Control, Truevolt technology and Instant Cut Technology. All of these innovations, each with their individual functions, help the V310 achieve the highest cutting quality, extend consumable lifetime and ensure the fastest cutting cycle. High definition plasma offers similar quality results as the cuts made by laser in terms of angularity and dross.

Oxy-fuel cutting


An easy switch between plasma and oxy-fuel torches covers a wide range of thicknesses with both straight and bevel cut processing. Because the two torch types share the same holder, they share the same innovation. This allows operators to process a variety of high quality bevel cuts and weld preparations (A, V, X, Y and K) for producing parts that are ready immediately without further manual operations. The revolutionary oxy-fuel torch is an integral part of the V310, making use of rapid height control that achieves maximum output.

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