Vacam operating software

Voortman V550-7 clear control interface

Every machine is equipped with our standard Vacam control software. All machines share the same “look-and-feel” which significantly reduces the learning curve for the end user.

Vacam operating software is completely developed in house by Voortman software specialists. With decades of experience in steel machinery, the software is always in the process of optimizing and implementing new technologies for further improvements. Within Vacam's open platform, APIs are used to easily exchange production data with ERP and MRP software. Vacam provides a real-time graphical representation of workflows and processes.

Vacam analyzes imported products and nestings instantly. If there are any foreseeable production problems the integrated problem solver suggests the best solution automatically. This increases the efficiency and runtime of the system. Production is not interrupted and issues can be manually solved by the operator in advance.

VACAM Office Edition

Vacam Office Edition runs in a similar way and is dedicated to preparing products and lineal nests. The interface is simplified for showing only required functionalities with the main task of monitoring the production process in real time.

VACAD editor

The integrated Vacad Editor enables operators to improve output by creating products or quickly resolve human errors derived from works office. Vacam is simple to edit and any operator is able to take full advantage of VACAD Editor with one day of training.

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