News - 23 November, 2020

MMI Industrial & Steel invested in the perfect pair

MMI Industrial & Steel, previously Milling Machinery, was founded in 1975 in Arizona, USA and carried out work for customers in the agricultural sector. As the name Milling Machinery suggest, they has grown to a company that serves the fabrication, industrial, commercial and manufacturing industries. Their employees have grown by an impressive 100 since the current owner Dusty Pinckard joined his father's company in 1991. For this family business, company values are important, which is reflected in the original values that still apply today and form the culture for MMI Industrial & Steel. With the new Voortman machines they are able to continue to take care of their customers and get the job done with the desired result!

The next level

By investing in two Voortman machines that work seamlessly together and complement each other perfectly - a V310 plate processing machine and a V808 robotic plasma cutting machine both equipped with the same Hypertherm XPR300 plasma source - they were given the opportunity to support growth and take production to an even higher level. The V808 enabled them to process all their structural beams, tubes and channels and perform coping, making holes, bevels and markings on the beams for stringers and connection plates. With only this machine they have seen a decrease of shop hours per ton by 15 to 20% since installation. In combination with the V310, which helps them to stay ahead in plate processing, this has increased their capacity and quality, enabled shorter lead times and empowered them to take on even more jobs than ever before!

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