France | CANAMETAL is part of Canam Group Inc., the largest fabricator of steel components in North America. Founded in 1961, then named Chesseboeuf, was a small company focused on agricultural buildings. After this, the company expanded which lead to different names and different shareholders. In the seventies a new owner arrived and wanted to penetrate bigger markets, like industrial building and shopping centers. The company moved to Niort and the company name was changed into Sévrienne de Construction Métallique (SCM). During approximately twenty years the company had grown in production and turnover.


U.S.A. | The Ryerson business started back in 1842 when Joseph T. Ryerson opened his iron store along the banks of the Chicago River. Today, Ryerson is a services company that processes and distributes metals, with operations in the United States, Mexico, Canada, China and Brazil. Ryerson is headquartered in Chicago and employs approximately 4,000 employees in more than 100 locations.

Steel and Pipe Supply

U.S.A. | Steel and Pipe Supply is a family business with family values. The fact that they are a privately held company is remarkable due the size of their corporation. Steel and Pipe Supply is the 17th largest steel service center in the U.S.A. Steel and Pipe Supply began with Sam Goldstein, who in 1933 founded Kansas Hide and Wool in Manhattan Kansas. In 1954 Sam's son, Jack Goldstein, took over the business and built a steel warehouse to supplement the Hide and Wool business. By 1959 steel had become the dominant part of the company and in 1965 the name was changed to Steel and Pipe Supply.

Van den Brink Staalbouw

The Netherlands | In 1980, Henk van den Brink started a crane rental company with his brother Klaas. Both were particularly interested in cranes, lifts and trucks. In addition to the rental, a lot of cranes were purchased along the years. From there, the road to a structural steel fabrication company was made. Since 1998, Henk Van den Brink continued with the steel construction company, while Klaas held on to the crane rental business.


France | Serimétal is a steel fabricator in France, founded in 1986. Over the years the company has seen significant growth and became specialized in steel structures for large and small industries, roof and wall cladding and engaged partnerships with other manufacturers for the supply of various products. The company has grown considerably which is reflected also by employees and acreage. In 2008 the company has moved from the suburbs of Lyon to a new building in the nearby village Toussieu. Although they started with three employees, there are now 28 people working in four different departments within Serimétal.

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